About Milton Massage

Milton Massage has set the bar in Milton for professional massage and quality of service for many years. As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ and our staff has had the time to refine its technique to a finely tuned art. We are constantly staying up to date on the leading advancements in the field of Massage Therapy. We take great pride in offering the people of Milton a variety of different therapies; all found under one roof. Our personal approach to your mental and physical well-being has gained us a reputation as the most knowledgeable, but also accessible, massage therapy centre in the area.

We understand that if you have never had a massage therapist work on you then you may not know which therapy is best for your particular need. We offer free consultations where we sit down with you, go over what your expectations and requirements are and tailor a therapy session to your exact specifications.

Come and experience something new or revisit an old friend; if you have muscle pain then Milton Massage has got you covered. With so many different therapies in the same place we guarantee that we have something to relax your body and sooth your mind.

Milton Massage: Healing hands to make you whole.

Milton Massage

Milton Massage has experienced Registered Massage Therapists with many years of experience in in the Milton area.


Lisa Puleo
Lisa Puleo is a graduate of Elmcrest College with a diploma in Massage Therapy received in 2008. She is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. During her education she had the opportunity to work at the Cabbagetown Boxing Club, this give her valuable experience treating scar tissue, repetitive injuries and whiplash. During the 2006 Toronto Marathon Lisa volunteered in treating runners as they came off the course, relieving muscles spasms and reducing muscle soreness. In addition to this, Lisa also had the opportunity to work with delivering mothers through the labour process at North York General Hospital maternity ward. Here she gained experience in helping to ease the labour process as well as treating any postpartum discomfort during their stay. Lisa has experience in treating neck pain, back pain, and reducing scar tissue in muscles.

Lisa has a methodical approach to massage therapy and will ensure that her clients are both comfortable and familiar with her intended treatment plan. As Lisa’s highest concern is the health and well-being of her clients, she welcomes any questions, input or suggestions her clients may have regarding their treatment. Lisa has a holistic view of healthcare and therefore it is important that her clients are comfortable with every step of the assessment process.

Lisa is committed to the highest quality of care for her clients and will strive for the best results. Lisa also has training in treating chronic bronchitis, tension headaches, myofascial trigger points, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome (symptoms of which can mimic sciatica)and tendinitis to name a few. Lisa understands that trust is imperative in the healing process and will work to create an environment that is both safe and comfortable for her clients.